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Divorce is complicated and full of unknowns; an emotional roller coaster and a legal maze. When facing dissolution of your marriage you want to be certain the people handling your case are knowledgeable about divorce laws and procedures, experienced in all the nuances of family law, and above all, handle your case with respect. The right lawyer can make the difference between a lengthy contested process or a quick, amicable settlement.

At Lummis Law Office, LLC, we are dedicated to working with families to find the best solutions to fit their needs. We understand that divorce is never an easy situation, and is difficult for all parties involved. We’re dedicated to working on your side through every step of the divorce process, so healing can ultimately begin.

Questions to ask a divorce lawyer before hiring

A phone call is the first step to start the process and to help resolve issues and calm fears about what may lie ahead. When contacting a divorce attorney, have a list of questions ready so you know that you will be comfortable with working with him or her and the firm. Consider asking the following questions:

  • What is your philosophy on divorce and divorce settlements?
  • How many divorce cases has your firm handled and of those, how many have you been personally responsible for?
  • What is your experience with specialized divorce cases? (Custody, division of property or highly contested)
  • How often will we meet to discuss the divorce procedures and process?
  • Will anyone else in your firm be working on my case? If so, how?

Work with a law firm that will help you with the uncertainty of a divorce

Regardless of whether you or your spouse initiated the divorce proceedings, you need someone that is objective, yet compassionate. You need someone you are comfortable with when discussing private financial and personal matters, someone who will guide you in the right direction and someone you can place your trust in.

Our law office has highly efficient and experienced divorce attorneys on staff who are ready to take on your case. From our office in Stevens Point, we proudly serve individuals and families in Plover, Whiting, Amherst and all surrounding communities. Give us a call at 715-341-3170 or contact us online to schedule your initial consultation.


Since July 2017, the family law attorneys at Lummis Law Office, LLC are able to draft, modify and complete filings for divorcing couples. Previously, amicable couples could choose mediation as a means to avoid litigation during the divorce process, but many would experience complications when it came time to file the appropriate paperwork. Couples can now work alongside a single attorney to help them reach a divorce agreement and prepare all relevant legal documents, saving considerable time and legal costs.


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