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Don’t you hate appointments where you schedule your time, arrive early, but still spend 20 minutes to an hour waiting? So do we.

At Lummis Law Office, LLC, one of our primary goals is to build a successful relationship with our clients. To us, that means respecting your time, listening carefully and providing honest legal advice.

When you schedule an appointment with us, we promise to not keep you waiting. We know that you’re busy, too. That’s why we guarantee to get you into your appointment as quickly as possible. Sure, we want you to see our lobby area, but we want the majority of your time to be spent in the conference room, getting your questions answered.

Next, we’ll sit down and talk through your situation. This means a lot of listening. We like to have a solid grasp on the problem before we can begin offering effective solutions.

Lastly, we will explain the process to follow. We understand, first-hand, that there is no worse feeling than one of being left in the dark. It’s no secret that the legal process can be a bit of a mystery, but know that you will definitely know more when you leave our office then you did before you came in.

We cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, but we can promise that we will be ready and that you are going to feel comfortable knowing that your legal situation is in the capable hands of a trusted attorney.

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