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We’re so sorry to hear about your current situation. Divorce is one of the most difficult events to happen to anyone, and a time that requires support, guidance and a complete knowledge of the law.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an exact answer to this frequently asked question because no two divorces are 100% alike. It is important to talk with an attorney who can gather the important facts about your case and explain the complexities of the law to you so that you can start making good decisions right away. The worst part of a divorce is the uncertainty, but an experienced attorney can begin to alleviate some of your concerns.

Divorces are extremely difficult emotionally, and the law is complex. A bad divorce can affect you for the rest of your life. The first step is to talk to an experienced attorney and gather information so that you can start making good decisions right away.

If you received an OWI or DUI in the state of Wisconsin, and it is your first offense, you will not receive criminal charges. A second offense or higher is a criminal offense punishable by time in jail or prison. All OWI convictions in Wisconsin will require the revocation of your driver’s license. Some offenses will require the installation of an ignition interlock device. All convictions are very expensive and can have a long-term impact on your life. However, there are certain steps you can take to minimize the violation.

First, begin by looking through all of the paperwork you received. You will already have received a ticket from the officer so be sure to check the document for a mandatory court date. If you do not appear for the mandatory court date, the court will enter a default judgment against you and revoke your license. If the charge is a criminal offense and you fail to appear the court will issue a warrant for your arrest. In addition to the citation, you will also receive information about an Administrative Suspension of your operating license. Typically, there is a 10-day deadline associated with the request; failure to respond within that period could result in an automatic license suspension.

The Drunk Driving Administrative Review Hearing is a hearing where the DMV will determine if your license will be suspended immediately or at the time of sentencing. The hearing will review the stop and the events leading up to the arrest. The court process takes longer to play out. You are required to appear for an initial appearance. At that time you have the option of entering a plea of either guilty or not guilty. If you fail to appear or enter a guilty plea, the court will find you guilty. If you enter a not guilty plea, the court will set the case for a pre-trial conference. At the pre-trial conference, you or your attorney will speak to the prosecutor, discuss possible defenses to the charge and possibly work out a settlement. If not, the case is scheduled for trial.

Having an experienced attorney represent you can sometimes be extremely beneficial as attorneys may be aware of possible defenses or mitigating facts that could help your case, facts and defenses that you as a non-attorney may not know. Because the law is complex and ever-changing, it is certainly prudent to have an attorney review your case with you before your initial appearance.

Every business is different and unique, but it is absolutely essential for you to have the right licensing, legal forms and operating agreements in process from the very beginning.

Many new entrepreneurs choose to set up their businesses online, which is not a bad route to take if you feel self-reliant in your own abilities. On the other hand, you aren’t sure if you should set up a sole proprietorship or an S Corporation, whether you need contracts or if specific licensing is required for your industry, we always suggest seeing a lawyer.

Multiple owners can also add more complexity to your startup business. We recommend working with a business lawyer; so all members have a full understanding of their roles and company expectations. By hiring an attorney, you will all be left confident knowing that your business is set up correctly and headed on the right path to success.

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